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Healthy tips for busy people. Get the skinny. Start feeling better.

Our bodies were built to move. Yet we have engineered activity right out of our lives. Ironically, by focusing on efficiency, we have treated excess movement as waste, only to find we are less engaged at work and in our personal lives.

Physical activity needs to be scheduled or planned into our day or it most likely won’t occur. If you don’t know already, physical activity increases life expectancy, improves mood, helps us lose weight, reduces stress, increases energy levels, regulates hormones, prevents disease, and on and on…

Our aim is to get you moving! Whether you are a neighborhood stroller or an extreme fitness enthusiast, we have something for you. We will have videos to teach you exercises and stretches you can do anywhere, anytime; info graphics (for you nerds) about the latest in fitness research. And if it’s encouragement you need, don’t miss our Tuesday Testimonials.

Stretch it Out

Stretch it Out

by Holly Foreman - November 28, 2016

I just spent the last two weekends working on home improvement projects… scraping ceilings, painting, and deep cleaning.